Preview: Lines to the Lost

I Wish I Could Cry 

I wish I could cry like a fountain,

Gasp, tremble and holler out loud

But I’m held, imprisoned, immobile

Inside an oppressive dark cloud.

And where is that cloud’s silver lining?

Where’s the good that may offset the bad?

Just right now, I can see very little

Except a victim, broken and sad.

Every day, you drew out my love

For a creation unique on this earth.

Now the world seems hostile but empty;

No meaning, of hope a great dearth.

But I have to believe you’ll be back

And we’ll be together again,

Maybe not here in this wasteland

But in some idyll, with a purpose regained.

We’ll hear the skies ringing with bells

And the seas will be colours of rainbows;

We’ll be clothed in a warming, bright light,

Embraced in eternal repose.

I wish I could laugh like an idiot

Shriek, giggle and guffaw out loud;

One day, I will when we share a new life,

Reunited, adoring and proud. 



Love hurts no-one except those who care;

Those who are willing to risk;

Those whose other’s trials they may share;

Those prepared to see loss.

Love cries out loud for those who can hear

And laughs with those who can smile.

It holds back the feelings of fear

That one day its dearest are gone.

But when things go bad, it shares in the tears

And shines on the people who grieve.

It remains steadfast for days, months and years,

For the past and forever henceforth.

You cannot remove it for it refuses to go;

It will always be there at your side.

In all the days forward, just this you need know:

That Love will be living with you.

   C    © Harvey Sagar 2013